What Exactly are AdRoll Ads

Simply put, an AdRoll is an e-commerce marketing platform that provides emerging direct-to-customer companies the opportunity to connect with their customers regardless of their location. With AdRoll, business owners can easily predict consumer behaviour, analyse engagement, and deliver ad performance better than the competition. 

As a performance marketing platform, Adroll has evolved and improved over the last decade through the use of advertiser data cooperative on the market. With proper implementation, online marketers can reach their target audience anywhere online using a wide range of Adroll products, aiding consumers to make a purchase. 

The Beginnings of AdRoll

AdRoll was developed by Aaron Bell, who wanted to assist his wife to kickstart her nutrition bar business. When he attempted to buy online ads for her wife’s business, he realised how challenging it was for startups to display ads on the Internet. Additionally, he realised that while heavy traffic was driving to their website, the majority of them left without purchasing. Leveraging is programming skills; he solved the problem of most emerging businesses by creating AdRoll. AdRoll was originally designed as a retargeting program that displays their nutrition bars to bounced customers. He soon recognised the fact that it was not only effective for their brand, but for other sold products online. 

Today, AdRoll has become a more sophisticated, AI-powered, big data brand that can help small businesses and large companies alike in boosting their sales through paid ads with new customers. 

AdRoll Features and Inclusions

AdRoll Ads is a crucial element of a company’s marketing strategy. By using a retargeting email campaign to target visitors who failed to checkout any product is one of the most effective ways to raise your marketing campaign’s email performance metrics. 

  • Custom Design 

One of the main selling points of the AdRoll Suite is its custom design services. As their primary aim is to help clients succeed in their online marketing campaign, they have a team of dedicated designers that can create ads for you. The custom design service is accessible to clients who are subscribed to a certain plan, which means it is made available to premium AdRoll clients. 

Having a built-in design team to support the design requirements of clients is one of the many things that sets AdRoll apart from other marketing platforms online. Leveraging all that industry expertise can result in quality click throughs within a short period for AdRoll clients. The custom design features are perfect for medium-sized to enterprise-level companies that run multiple campaigns every year. Digital marketers who understand the value of changing ads frequently make the most of the custom design service offered by AdRoll. 

  • AdRoll Dynamic Ads

Dynamic AdRoll Ads allow companies to showcase personalised ads based on what their target customers have already seen or browsed online. For instance, if someone has viewed a white dress on your online store, not only can you repeatedly show ads for dresses, but the exact white dress they viewed yet again. While some online customers find this strange, even creepy in some cases, it’s an effective way of convincing customers to give your products a second look, which can result in a sale. 

Current trends dictate that consumers click on dynamic ads more often than static ads. According to AdRoll’s extensive data, the use of dynamic ads leads to two times higher click-through rate and a 50% lower cost per acquisition compared to static ads. Furthermore, a report reveals that 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a retailer that recognises them by name, recommends a host of options based on previous purchases, or are familiar with their purchase history. 

AdRoll Integrations 

If you are currently utilising applications such as HubSpot, Spotify, or Market, you can integrate retargeting to your current marketing strategy with a few simple clicks. AdRoll Integrations enable clients to add AdRoll services to their existing marketing platforms and tools. Integrations are constantly being updated while new features are being added as well, making a company’s marketing suite more robust and optimised to drive quality traffic and sales over time. 

An Optimised, Full-Suite Performance Marketing Solution 

AdRoll aims to drive the best marketing performance for any-sized e-commerce businesses. Whether this can be achieved through its various tools, AdRoll Ads help in prospecting, retargeting, email marketing, and design, thus adding more value to a company’s target audience. 

The utilisation of AdRoll products with other marketing tools and software applications can further enhance results. From the use of tools that aid in prospecting and retargeting. These tools may also be utilised independently, allowing more flexibility for first-time users and growing online platforms.  

If you want to take AdRoll for a spin, you may sign up for a free trial or chat with an AdRoll specialist here at Silva Digital if you want to learn more about their products or ask for recommendations on what AdRoll product best fits your business.  


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