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How to Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences [2023 Guide]

Facebook Lookalike Audiences provide the perfect middle ground for advertisers looking to expand their reach but not wanting to commit to high-cost campaigns. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can build a whole new audience of people that are like those already trading with you. 

By utilising Facebook Lookalike Audiences, you get the best of both worlds: an audience that is new and engaged but still tailored to your brand. And the end result? Neatly targeted ads delivered on a platform that offers unparalleled targeting capabilities and significantly better return on investment than traditional advertising channels. Put simply, Facebook Lookalike Audiences are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to modern digital marketing success.

What is a Lookalike Audience on Facebook?

A Facebook Lookalike Audience is an extremely powerful tool for any business looking to expand their reach. It allows advertisers to target users based on demographics, interests, and behaviours that are identical or like current customers. 

This highly effective personalisation tool can accurately uncover new leads and generate higher engagement and conversions. Moreover, any marketer can create a Lookalike Audience without needing specialist knowledge of data targeting, meaning it can be up and running in just a few clicks.

How Do You Create Facebook Lookalike Audience?

Creating a Lookalike Audience with Facebook is incredibly easy. All you need to do is provide an existing audience and let the system take it from there. Its algorithms analyse the traits of a source audience and then find other people who share those same characteristics. 

You can enhance the process by pairing Lookalike Audiences with more targeted criteria such as age, gender, interests, or behavioural preferences. Thanks to the power of technology, building just the perfect target group is now easier than ever before.

The Benefits of Using Facebook Lookalike Audience

Facebook Lookalike Audiences are an invaluable asset for advertisers looking to maximize their impact on social media. By targeting people who display similar profiles and interests as your existing customers, you can tap into a much more engaged consumer base than traditional Facebook advertising methods. This provides key advantages in terms of cost-efficiency and overall ROI performance, making Lookalikes the preferred ad solution among today’s savvy marketers.

You Get Twice the Value 

Facebook Lookalike Audiences allow you to get twice the value from your existing customer base by targeting prospects with similar interests and characteristics. It’s a great way to quickly build an audience without having to go through the painstaking process of researching potential customers on your own. It’s also a great way to expand your reach beyond your existing customer base because it allows you to target people who may not have seen or heard of your business before but would be interested in what you have to offer. 

Audience Size Flexibility 

Another benefit of using Facebook Lookalike Audiences is that it provides flexibility in terms of audience size. You can choose from three different audience sizes—small, medium, and large—which means you can find the right mix that works best for your business goals. For example, if you’re looking for more precise targeting, then a small audience size is the way to go; whereas if you want a broader reach, then a large audience size may be better suited for your needs. 

Maintain Conversion Rates 

Using Facebook Lookalike Audiences enables you to maintain conversion rates over time, a critical goal for any business looking to maximize its ROI on marketing efforts. By leveraging data from past campaigns and creating audiences based on users’ shared attributes, lookalike audiences help ensure that ads continue to be effective over time by ensuring they are being served up only to users most likely to convert into paying customers or leads.  

Continuously Monitor Performance 

Lookalike audiences should always be monitored and managed actively to deliver maximum value. That means regularly analyzing performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per click (CPC), and more to determine which audiences are performing best and make adjustments accordingly based on those insights. Doing so helps ensure that campaigns remain effective over time without sacrificing performance due to changing market conditions or other factors outside of your control.  

Boost ROI On Your Ads 

Finally, leveraging lookalike audiences helps boost return on investment (ROI) from paid advertising campaigns by allowing businesses to target prospective customers who are more likely than average users to convert into paying customers or leads down the road at a lower cost per acquisition (CPA). This makes it easier for businesses on tight budgets who need maximum bang for their buck when running paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.  

How to Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences Effectively

Creating a successful Facebook Lookalike Audience means starting things off on the right foot by creating a Custom Audience first. Because each source of data requires a different set-up, finding the steps to successfully create one may feel daunting. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be! With our comprehensive guide to creating Custom Audiences, you can quickly make connections with the customers you want, and then use that information to create that perfect Lookalike Audience. Now there’s nothing standing in the way of your target customers.

Step 1- Prepare Your Customer List 

The first step in using Lookalike Audiences is preparing your customer list. To do this, you need to create a CSV (Comma Separated Value) or TXT (Text) file that contains the contact information of all your customers – including their email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Once you have this list prepared, you are ready to move onto Step 2.  

Step 2- Go to Audiences Within Your Ad Manager 

Once your customer list is prepared and saved as either a CSV or TXT file, it’s time to log into your Ad Manager and go to the “Audiences” tab. Here you will find several options for creating custom audiences, such as targeting people who have visited your website or have interacted with certain posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but we will be focusing on creating a Lookalike Audience from our customer list in this tutorial.  

 Step 3- Choose a Custom Audience Source 

Once you are in the “Audiences” tab within your Ad Manager, select “Create New Custom Audience” from the dropdown menu. You should then see several options for creating different types of custom audiences; choose “Lookalike Audience” from these options if it is available. If it is not available, then select one of the other options for creating a custom audience. Once you have selected the option for creating a Lookalike Audience, proceed to Step 4.  

Step 4- Follow Instructions to Create Your Custom Audience 

After selecting “Lookalike Audience” as your desired type of custom audience, simply follow the instructions provided by Facebook to create your Lookalike Audience based on the source (i.e., customer list) that you chose in Step 3. This should include uploading your CSV or TXT file containing all your customers’ contact information and selecting any other desired criteria related to location or demographics that would help narrow down who makes up this new audience segment. Once all settings are configured, click “Create” and wait for confirmation that the process has been completed.

How long does it take to populate Facebook Lookalike Audience?

Creating a lookalike audience is an invaluable asset when it comes to staying up to date on your audience’s wants and needs. The time it takes for this process to complete ranges between six and 24 hours, so you won’t have to wait too long before your lookalike audience is ready to go. After creation, the Lookalike Audience will be marked as Ready in the Availability column and continuously refresh every 3-7 days, giving you fresh insights that can boost your targeting ads. Take advantage of its power for more personalized campaigns.

If you’re running Facebook ads, then chances are that you’ve heard of Lookalike Audiences. Whether you have yet to explore this powerful feature or are already making use of it in your campaigns, there is more room to grow and maximize returns from Lookalikes. At Silva Digital, our team of highly skilled Facebook Ad Experts can help you create hyper-targeted audiences for maximum return on the ad investment. We understand complex metrics, leverage data analytics to get the optimal results and take a personalized approach for each project. Come connect with us and let us help unlock your business’s growth potential through Lookalike Audiences.

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