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How To Make An NFT: Guide For 2022

While you may not be familiar with NFT, it is highly likely that you’ve already caught wind of NFT. With the increased trading in NFTs in recent months, it’s not surprising that NFT is now one of the hottest money-making trends on the market. 

Many creators have already released their own NFTs, with artists such as Beeple selling their work for up to $69 million last March 2021. This is inarguably an impressive feat given NFT is already still in its infancy. 

If you want to learn about NFT to decide whether it’s something that you want to dabble in, continue reading. 

A Guide On How To Make An NFT

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newbie, you can definitely mint an NFT. You don’t need to have a background in finance or investing to create your own NFT. These are just some of its selling factors. And the best part is that creating your own NFT is a simple and straightforward process. We will break down the NFT creation process for you.


Select your Preferred NFT

Before delving into the NFT creation process, you must first identify the type of NFT you want to make. You can choose from a wide range of options, from pictures, games, tickets, memes, collectibles, and events. This is one of the unique qualities of NFT, you are the one to decide on its value and make it your very own. 


Select your blockchain and create your digital wallet

The next step to the creation of NFT is to decide the type of blockchain technology that you plan to use for your NFT. You have a wide range of options from Binance, Smart Chain to Cosmos. Once you’ve decided on the blockchain, the next step is to set up your digital wallet that will allow you access to digital assets or cryptocurrencies. It is crucial to choose a wallet that is compatible with your blockchain and the NFT marketplace that you want to use for the NFT minting process. 

Some of the most popular wallets among NFT creators include Maths Wallet, Alpha Wallet, Enjin, Trust Wallet, Metamask, and Coinbase Wallet. After successfully setting up your wallet, you must then buy cryptocurrency. Majority of NFT platforms accept and recognise the Ethereum blockchain platform, or Ether. If you already have cryptocurrency stored elsewhere, you may connect your digital wallet so you can start making your NFT. 


Browse Through NFT Marketplaces

Once you have successfully set up your digital wallet and bought cryptocurrency, this stage is where the real work begins. You may now create and sell your NFT. To do this, you must first select an NFT marketplace. These virtual platforms aim to simplify the process for newbies to create and trade their NFTs. 

There are NFT marketplaces that are strict when it comes to transactions, as they require you to pass NFT authentication on the blockchain. There are also NFT marketplaces that allow lazy minting. To put simply, lazy minting refers to bypassing fees by placing your NFT for sale without writing it on the blockchain. In this scenario, the NFT fee will be passed on the buyers instead. 

Connect your digital wallet to your chosen NFT marketplace, which will then allow you to pay the required fees to mint your NFT and hold any proceeds from successful NFT sales.


Create your Own NFT

After successfully connecting your digital wallet to your chosen NFT platform, it’s time for you to start minting. Regardless of the marketplace that you choose, all of them feature a step-by-step guide for uploading your digital files onto their platform. You can then convert digital files in various formats, including GIF, PNG, MP3, and many more into an NFT that you can sell. 

Let’s check out the steps that NFT creators must take on the Opensea marketplace. 

  • On the Opensea homepage, click on the Profile connected on the upper right bar to connect your wallet to the marketplace. 
  • Select your digital wallet and click enter. Make sure to grant permission for all actions. Don’t forget to sign the signature request to ensure approval. 
  • Accept all Terms and Conditions delineated by the Opensea marketplace. If you don’t have Ethereum, you may proceed in buying crypto using your debit or credit card. 

To create your NFT, here are the steps:

  • Go to My Collection then click Create to start creating your first NFT. 
  • Fill out the necessary information, from the URL of your NFT collection on Opensea. You must indicate a description, category, and links to your website and other social networks. 
  • You may also earn through royalties which means you will receive a reward each time an individual resells an NFT you developed. Remember that royalties are paid out on a monthly basis to your digital wallet. You may freely specify the royalty percentage fee for every NFT that you create and sell. 
  • Fill out your pay-out wallet address. Simple copy and paste your wallet address into the required field. 
  • Select your payment token of choice for buying and selling NFTs. 
  • Next, you must click Create to complete the creation of your NFT collection on Opensea. 

How to Mint NFT

  • Go to your Collection and click on Add Item at the top right bar of the screen. 
  • Simply upload the type of file that you want to use for your NFT. You may choose from digital images, audio, or video. 
  • Also, type in the name and description of the NFT. Next, you must choose the collection where you want your NFT to appear. 
  • Fill in the details of NFT properties, such as colour, ticker symbol, and many more.
  • Fill in the levels that display the strengths and weaknesses of your NFT. 
  •  Include pertinent statistics in your NFT. 
  • Select whether your NFT can have unlockable or explicit content.
  • The last step entails choosing the number of copies your NFT can be minted and the issuing blockchain. Finally, click create and your NFT will be added to your collection. 

NFT creation may seem like a daunting task at first but with this helpful guide on how to make an NFT, you will be able to successfully display and sell your NFT soon. 

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