Google Business Profile Guide for Beginners: What They Are, How to Use Them, and Why

Over the years, technology has evolved in so many ways and is still on its constant quest to find ways to enhance it further. As more customers turn to the Internet and Google to find the products and services they require, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) has emerged as a crucial tool for expanding businesses. “Google It” — that is what we usually hear, whether we are looking for a new place to eat in town, a cafe with excellent coffee, or haircut hunting. 85.55% of all searches on the Internet are completed with Google. If you want people to find you, you must go to Google.

Setting up a Google Business Profile can benefit its owners. This strategy is beneficial for local businesses as it allows them to feature their services and stand out in directory listings to attract more customers. When potential customers can easily find your business location and contact information via Google– you are more likely to attract more customers, which means more revenue for your business.

But before we focus on getting those customers and revenues, let us get familiar with Google Business Profiles with this article. Here, we will answer your whats’, hows’ and whys.’

What is a Google Business Profile?

For starters, you will want to know what it is before investing time and resources in trying it out.

Google Business Profile is a simple way of registering your business in Google. It means that Google can include it in the local results of the Google Maps search engine. Your business will appear locally to users searching for your business type. Potential customers will be presented with important information about your brand, such as:

  1. Short description of your business
  2. Your Business Contact Details
  3. Location
  4. Opening and Closing Hours
  5. Website’s URL
  6. FAQ’s
  7. Reviews(with photos if there are)
  8. Business-Related Posts

You likely have seen or even used a Google Business Profile, even if you have yet to learn what it is. Here is a refresher on what a business listing looks like:

Do not confuse it with Google My Business; it is the same. Google changed the name to Google Business Profile on November 4th, 2021. Why? Google wanted to simplify it. They tried to make it easy for you, the business owner, to access information and keep your business up to date.

Is Google Business Profile Free?

GBP is entirely FREE. Businesses like yours can sign up for a Google Business Profile to claim and manage your listings without any fee. Nothing beats free resources, which makes Google Business Profile a must-have platform for any business. That is why partnering up with a digital marketing agency is an excellent advantage in a highly competitive industry. They can help optimise your GBP for search and maximise your search engine rankings. It can also help you reach the right audience and raise brand awareness.

What is GBP eligibility?

The first step in your GBP checklist is ensuring you qualify for a local listing in Google. Setting up GBP is free; however, there is eligibility under the Guidelines for representing your business on Google that needs to be followed. This is a living document that undergoes frequent changes; please read the policies before listing your business to ensure you are not violating them. Violations may result in penalties or even the removal of your listing.

How To Set Up Your GBP?


  1. Sign up for an account by going to
  2. Log in to your Google account. If you do not have one yet, create one here.
  3. Enter your business information
  4. Verify your account. Once you are done filling in the needed information. This guide will help you understand more about filling out many fields required and utilise its features.
  5. Make routine updates. You may have already claimed and verified your listing. Your team or social media manager must be consistent in updating it. If anything changes, update your account immediately, so Google won’t think you have left your account unattended.

So there, you are all set! The essential part is claiming and verifying; once they are done, you can proceed to your dashboard and finish up.

How Can I Use and Access My GBP Account?

You can access your account and profile via an Internet browser or the Google Business Profile mobile app with your Google Account credentials. Note that there might be some differences between the browser and the mobile app experience.

For example, the app does not support deleting Google Business Profile or transferring ownership to another user. However, it allows you to view who your followers are, which the mobile app can’t.

How often should I post?

We mentioned routine updates are essential for your Business Profile. Ideally, you should publish a post twice or thrice a week. The main reason is visibility and a high chance of capturing traffic.

Why Do I Need A Google Business Profile?

Now that is a million-dollar question to which we can give you a million answers. However, we’ll just sum it up to five:

  • The features are free. Unlike standard paid ads, using GBP costs no extra money. It is an excellent advantage for those just starting their business; with zero costs, GBP is accessible to any business.
  • Become a part of the Local 3-pack. These are the first three search results that typically boost sales. The best thing about a Local 3-Pack? These listings not only let customers know where your company is on Google Maps but also rank well in the search results, which is quite advantageous for your impression share. See what it looks like when we search for plumbers around Sydney; if your business is plumbing and appears in the first 3, you can imagine the potential customers you can convert to sales:

Google Result


  • Build Trust and Brand Credibility With Your Customers. Those customers you are looking for—are also looking for someone they can trust, and they will feel comfortable seeking services from a business that shows up in at least two different sources on search rather than just one. Build trust through reviews or social proofs; think of your GBP as your personalised Yelp page that allows people to share their experiences with your company/business. It is primarily because of the legitimacy of the Google My Business verification process. Google is a trustworthy outlet that users can rely on.
  • You’ll Get a Competitive Advantage. By making your business more visible, you can reach your target audience and increase engagement. Through Google Business Profile, you can learn more about your customers. You can access a multitude of insightful information by going to the Insights section of your GBP page. These analytics describe how prominent your brand is, your target customers, and how they interact with your company. This is a powerful method of evaluating the performance of your business, so you can focus on what is effective. You can adjust and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by learning more about the types of customers your company is attracting. See what it looks like:


  • Google Business Profile can increase your traffic and generate leads. The more website visitors your business gets, the more chances you have to convert them into sales. And sales mean more revenue for your business.

Putting It All Together

Setting up a Google Business Profile is usually painless and stress-free. No matter your company’s size or niche, trust me, you need it and benefit from it.

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