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5 things you need to know about 3D NFTs

If you’ve been reading our blogs about NFT, then you already have an idea of what NFT is. You probably already know that a non-fungible token (NFT) can be anything from photos and video sequences to audio and 3D models. In this article, we’ll explain what 3D modelling is for NFT artists. If you are a 3D modeller, a concept artist, or a creator, then this is for you.

What does NFT mean for 3D modelling?

The NFT is the most recent distributed asset enabled by blockchain, and more importantly, 3D assets have been loud in the NFT marketplace recently.

The key creators of 3D NFTs are usually the 3d modellers, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that 3D concept artists and physical makers can’t use the NFT marketplace. In fact, once creators have their 3D computer graphics converted into NFTs and uploaded to their collections, they can begin realising genuine gains from their work through an NFT Marketplace. How cool is that?

3D NFT’s effect on the NFT Marketplace

Next-generation 2D NFTs and 3D NFTs, promise to be a substantial advancement in the development of the NFT Marketplace through integration with gaming assets.

But how?

It is clear that NFTs are changing how people view online gaming and the purchasing of in-game items. Blockchain-based games have the potential to greatly increase the gaming industry since non-fungible tokens, as their name implies, are distinctive and may be developed to retain value outside of the game in which they were formed.

Props that complete the gaming experience, such as people, avatars, sound effects, city streets, etc., may now be simply built as an NFT in the three-dimensional space.

By offering a stunning experience of your favourite games in three-dimensional space, 3D game assets that have been converted into NFTs will upend your 2D side-scrolling worlds. Instead of being restricted to the specifics of pixel art alone, you can now perceive more realistic sentiment and movement.

How much is needed to start selling your 3D NFTs?

The currency for buying and selling NFTs is Ethereum. Buy $100-$150 worth of Ethereum to be on the safe side. There is an admission fee for every trade venture, however, despite the recent increase in gas prices, the overall cost in comparison to other trade venture launch fees is still quite inexpensive. The ultimate goal is to make back your initial investment plus extra at the point of sale.

How to create your first 3D NFT?

Smart MFGs NFT platform is the first online store in the world that specializes in 3D NFTs for gamers, artists, industrial designers, and 3D modellers. In order to become the de facto link connecting the virtual and the real world, Smart MFG enables artists to sell their licensed 3D models as NFTs that can be used across manufacturing ecosystems, the Metaverse, and industrial design.

What steps to take to start selling your 3D NFT?

Before you can begin minting, you must connect your digital wallet to the market. Frequently, this is the sole accreditation needed to start producing and selling 3D NFTs. However, you might need to make a profile in advance for some marketplaces.

You can mint your 3D NFT after setting up a digital wallet, buying Ethereum, and connecting that wallet to an NTF marketplace.

On every marketplace, there is a single “Create” button that you may use to upload your artwork and turn it into an NFT.

After you have added your 3D NFTs to your collection, it is time to check if anyone would be willing to purchase your artwork for real (virtual) money.


Judging by the current trend, 3D NFTs are here to stay. Additionally, they are creating new avenues for digital art and assisting creators and designers with monetisation. However, while selecting which platforms to use, we would suggest exercising caution and due diligence. Additionally, if you want to start designing, make sure you have a solid platform that will enable you to produce NFTs of 3D models and visuals.

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